• Demonstrating sound knowledge in key areas of computer science or industrial computing.
  • Demonstrating a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of computer science.
  • Carrying out the required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications.
  • Demonstrating professional competence in developing software and in its design and implementation
  • Developing sound practical skills in order to address problems which arise from computer systems and applications.
  • Demonstrating sound presentation and communication skills, which are required in the computer industry.
First Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
BC0032 Communication Skills 4
BC0033 Basic Mathematics 4
BC0034 Computer Concepts and C Programming 4
BC0035 Computer Fundamentals 4
BC0036 Digital Systems 4
Total Cumulative Credits 20
Second Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
BC0037 Object Oriented Programming using C++ 4
BC0038 Data Structures using C 4
BC0039 Discrete Mathematics 4
BC0040 Computer Organization and Architecture 4
BC0041 Fundamentals of Database Management 4
Total Cumulative Credits 40
Third Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
BC0042 Operating Systems 4
BC0043 Computer Oriented Numerical Methods 4
BC0044 Accounting and Financial Management 4
BC0045 Structured System Analysis and Design 4
BC0046 Microprocessor (8005, 8086 & 8087) 2
Total Cumulative Credits 60
Fourth Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
BC0047 Java Programming 4
BC0048 Computer Networks 4
BC0049 Software Engineering 4
BC0050 Oracle and Distributed Databases 4
BC0051 System Software 4
Total Cumulative Credits 80
Fifth Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
BC0052 Theory of Computer 4
BC0053 VB. Net and XML 4
BC0054 Software Project Management & Quality Assurance 4
BC0055 TCP / IP Protocol Suite 4
BC0056 Unix Operating System 4
Total Cumulative Credits 100
Sixth Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
BC0057 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 4
BC0058 Data Warehousing 4
BC0059 Elective* 4
BC0060 Project 8
Total Cumulative Credits 120
Elective* – (Choose one)
BC5901 Artificial Intelligence
BC5902 Image Processing

Semester Fee: Rs.11,100/- (inclusive of Exam Fee , Books & Study Material) or as revised from time to time.

10 + 2 or Equivalent / 3 Year Diploma from a State Board of Technical Education

  • Provision for Lateral entry to Second Semester: please contact our counselor for the further details
  • Provision for Direct entry to Third Semester : please contact our counselor for the further details