Why Distance Education?

Why Distance Learning?

Distance education offers an opportunity to acquire higher education to those who are unable to continue their studies due to various reasons i.e. priority shift, and distance, time and age constrain. This unique concept is to catching up fast with the quick technological shift and dynamic market scenario. Given the growing demand of skilled management professionals, distance education is the option to cater to the market need of corporate environment.

Multiple distance learning institutes are providing several accredited degree, diploma and other certification courses to the aspiring candidates that might have been not possible to pursue earlier because of many restrictions. Due to ubiquitous and rich reach of technology and internet, education is now available on your desktop and on mobile as well in the form of mEducation. People who are unable to access a physical classroom can now pursue their scholastic goals.

Distance learning is offered via unique fusion of teaching approaches like e-learning modules, web-driven classroom practices, printed study material, instructional audio and video tool, personal contact programs, including hands on learning workshops. Virtual classrooms created by technology enables you to view, listen, and take part in live lectures. You share documents, Q & A sessions etc. To leverage these facilities you can also book the date, place and time to take the exams. Via such practices you can have access to expert faculty members, who deliver online lectures through webinars and audio lectures, streamed on the internet.

Who Should Take Distance Learning?

Distance learning courses in Ahmedabad by CK-IICT is specially conceptualized and designed to offer flexibility and convenience to make it accessible to ambitious achievers. This unconventional educational approach has been programmed to make it easily accessible to candidates without intruding their professional and personal commitments.

There are very few distance learning institutes in Ahmedbad which provide time flexibility programs. You can study while on move, working full time or handling your family liabilities. At Distance education Ahmedabad by CK-IICT is ideal for people constrained by locations, ages, and life-stages, but still they aspire to grow and acquire higher goals in their respective domains.

They could be working executives to give a push to their career; housewives, who have taken a work sabbatical due to some family commitments; and young students with a desire to gain work experience as well as pursue higher education through distance learning education model.