MA Journalism & Mass communication

  • To provide intensive theoretical and practical knowledge in various media professions ranging from the management of media organisation to research
  • To provide an integrated perspective of media functioning along with a fair amount of exposure to technical know-how
  • To hone the student’s analytical skills

Completion of this programme would open vistas for fulfilling careers in various media like television production, corporate advertising, photography and related fields

First Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MJ0001 Internet and Media 2
MJ0002 Computer Fundamentals 2
MJ0003 Mass Communication 4
MJ0004 Reporting and Editing 4
MJ0005 Media Laws and Ethics 4
Total Cumulative Credits 16
Second Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MJ0006 Radio and Television for Communication 2
MJ007 Computer Application in Mass Communication 2
MJ0008 Television News 4
MJ0009 Media Organization and Management 2
MJ0010 Communication Research 4
Total Cumulative Credits 32
Third Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MJ0011 News Critics 4
MJ0012 Photography and Videography 4
MJ0013 Interviews for Print, Radio and Television 4
MJ0014 Online Journalism 4
Total Cumulative Credits 48
Fourth Semester
Sub Code Title Credit
MJ0015 Master Thesis 4
MJ0016 Elective * 12
Total Cumulative Credits 64
Electives (Choose any one group)
Group 1
MJ1601 Organizational Communication 4 Credits
MJ1602 Advertising and Public Relations 4 Credits
MJ1603 Event Management and Reporting 4 Credits
Group 2
MJ1604 Television Studies 4 Credits
MJ1605 Television Production 4 Credits
MJ1606 Television Management and its Policy 4 Credits

Semester Fee: Rs.11850/- (inclusive of Exam Fee, Books & Study material) or as revised from time to time.

Candidate Should be a graduate in any stream from a UGC Approved university.

  • Provision for Lateral entry to Second Semester: please contact our counselor for the further details